We’re celebrating in a new style. Instead of 1 big bash, 7 celebratory nights April 16 – 22.

$7 wine pours. $7 cocktails. Desserts from Batches Bakery. And a special $7 Food Menu. Every dinner. All. Week. Long.

SIN Sunday & Monday specials will not be live this week. One special at a time ya’ll! =)

Seven Dollars Make You Hollers

A trip down memory lane for our 7th anniversary

Tuna Pizza 2011

grilled flour tortilla / yellowfin tuna / pico de gallo / anchovy aioli

Champion Roll 2012

tempura scallops / avocado / cream cheese / spicy kani kama / wasabi mayo / sweet soy reduction

Pork Belly Yakitori 2013

skewered pork belly / bell pepper / onion / teriyaki glaze

Raging Cajun Roll 2014

crawfish salad / tempura whitefish / jalapeno / tobiko / spicy creole sauce

Dragon Roll 2015

tempura shrimp / anago / cucumber / avocado / sweet soy reduction

Blackened Octopus 2016

 spanish octopus / blackened seasoning / edamame succotash

Wagyu Roll 2017

wagyu beef / tempura hash / garlic / asparagus/ kalbi sauce

Screamer Roulette 2018

Feelin’ lucky? yeah you are


Tempura Fried Ice Cream, vanilla or raspberry green tea

or Batches Bakery Confetti Layer Cake, with chocolate mouse & sprinkles

All Signature Cocktails.
Wine – Merlot, Cabernet Blend, Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc