Just some of the hardworking Tuna family.


In 2019 I visited Tokyo & came back with a completely new fashion sense & wardrobe. I played it off like I’d always been dressing this way & hoped people wouldn’t notice. But no one bought it.

Post Work Passion: DJing


He works here too.

ALEXANDRA O'BRIEN, General Manager

Originally from Chicago, Alexandra managed a bakery before arriving in Milwaukee’s food scene. She started in sushi & made her way through EVERY job at Screaming Tuna. Perfecting award-winning cocktails, raising her big head son Finnley, & a nice glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is what drives her to be the best she can be.

NOAH RASMUSSEN, Executive Chef Milwaukee

“At the end of the day,” Noah rocks. 

JASON MORIMOTO, Executive Chef Mequon

“My whole life has been a mix of great cuisines. Fusion was something I learned early on by having traditional Puerto Rican and Japanese food in my home, and then every once in a while there would be a creation involving the two with each other or other cuisines. It is that creativity that has driven me to see ingredients & foods differently, but also have a desire to cook traditionally.”