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Reserve by Phone

You may also call (414)-763-1637 if you prefer to make a reservation via phone. Parties of 6 or more require a phone reservation.
Priority seating is based on how early the reservation was made and may include the sushi bar.
We do not accept patio reservations, however we will make a note of your preference.

Private Dojo Dining

Screaming Tuna has consistently been recognized by OpenTable as having one of the Best Ambiances in Wisconsin. Our Private Dojos are a fantastic extension of that ambiance. Seating groups of 6 to nearly 30, the Dojos offer a secluded fine dining setting perfect for any occasion. Surprise Birthday Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Engagement Dinners. No minimum or deposit necessary, and with A/V capability it is the ideal room for Business Presentations. For even larger reservations and/or custom menus please contact us here & you will receive a response within 24 hours.
Contact Us or call (414) 763-1637 to begin planning your next event.