????After nearly 7 years of SIN Sunday & Monday menus, we’re flipping the script. Tonight will be the last ever “SIN Monday” Menu. DON’T WORRY Tuna Nation: We’re not getting rid of the SIN Special. We’re upgrading it. We’ve combined the two separate menus into one, taking the best parts of Sunday & the best parts of Monday & making the BEST SIN MENU YET. A menu balanced with dishes for everyone, from sushi lovers to wonton fanatics. A menu that we can execute faster for you (that’s a biggie). A menu that can help us ensure quality in packed house with a line out the door. A menu equal both days, so you don’t have to choose. A menu that can make SIN Sundays & Mondays more fun for everyone, & if we’re lucky, help reverse all the grey in my hair from 7 wild years. ????????

????And the cherry on top: We’re reintroducing the Lychee Sangria, on special, on SIN Nights only. Thanks for all the SIN memories everyone, now let’s make some even greater ones.????